FPME Newsletter 11

FPME relaunched with new Editor

Posted 28/Oct/2008 - 10:24AM

Hello, and welcome to the FPME newsletter.  No, it's not the one that was promised on this occasion, but rather an update of what is happening on the site, which, contrary to some rumours, is not dead!
FPME has taken a somewhat new slant, with new features and a New Editor.
The new News Section not only brings you the latest Freelance and Industry news but also allows you to add your own relevant news stories with a link allowing you to upload them. So, if you are planning an exhibition, opening new premises or just have Madonna renting the house next door, why not let us all know?
The same is also true of the improved Articles Section where again you can upload your own articles, techniques and tutorials. Don't worry about the spelling and grammar if that's not your forte, that's what the Editor is for! And don't forget to add a link to your own website so that browsers can find out more about you (and help your own site's ranking into the bargain!) 

Many of you have contributed to FPME in the past and some authors have allowed us to re-produce their articles on the re-vamped site, however, there is still plenty to learn from the back issues of the high-quality magazine, a number of copies of which are still available here, starting from less than £2. Make sure you have your copies!  

And we're not going to forget the image buyers amongst you either. If you need images, we have a pool of over six thousand registered freelancers to call upon to find you the best images available. 

© Patricia FennTip of the Month - This months top tip comes from Patricia Fenn:
"To continue from Issue 17 of FPME where I went through the basics of becoming a successful travel photographer, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get a fresh slant on popular destinations. Scout around for a different viewpoint. Don't be shy to ask for help. Many high-rise hotels have allowed me to take some local images from their roof bar or a top floor balcony. Look through all the guide books for the area you are shooting and try to get an edge by finding a better viewpoint or shooting at sunrise, sunset, or even at night."

"I have over 100 shots of this Greek mountain village, many of them better, in my opinion, than this one. Yet this shot has already netted over £1100  in commercial sales, why, because of it's unique viewpoint."
Patricia Fenn


That's it for this time then folks. Take a look at the newly updated FPME website, where you are welcome to drop in on the Forums and let us know what you think.
© Patricia Fenn


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