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In the greeting card market freelancers only have a chance if they know exactly what the publisher's requirements are...

Posted 29/Jan/2002 - 12:00AM

In the greeting card market freelancers only have a chance if they know exactly what the publisher's requirements are... 
Words and pictures Angelika Stehle

Format and quality play an important role, and the images have to be right.
Medium-format and large format are usually preferred by card publishers, but 35 mm is still acceptable to some, if the quality is spot-on. That means professional quality, pin sharp, beautiful in colour, perfectly exposed and well-framed. Publishers often use image types different to those we personally might consider would make a good card.
To save you time-consuming market research, this article will supply you with sales leads including addresses and requirements, based on my own market research into different areas.
1 Hallmark Cards are world's largest greeting cards publisher. The company will accept colour and B&W images in all formats.
Typical subjects required:
Pet cats expressing various moods (inquisitive, begging, etc.) and with various backgrounds (innovative or artistic furniture/chair/etc) and doing various things, for example, crawling into a brown paper bag. Also simple but effective, happy drawings in sand (such as a smily face). Another angle: Flower close-ups, dreamy mood.
Hallmark Cards Plc, Bingley Road, Bradford, BD9 6SD
Contact: Katie Jones
Tel: 01274 252000

2  Images & Editions only accept transparencies (from 35 mm upward), and contributors should initially send a selection of between 24 and 60 images.
Subject matter:
can include flower arrangements, in vases or otherwise, with an abundance of perfect flower heads, following colour schemes, possibly combinations of two colours, suitable background; also flowers with animals including pets; wildlife including birds; garden scenes, wedding themes, and images for everyday, seasonal and occasions cards.   
Images & Editions Ltd., Bourne Road, Essendine, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4UW.
Head of Design : Charlotte Powell
Tel: 01780 757118 
Fax: 01780 754629
3  Abacus Cards Limited prefer transparencies and arrange their cards in groups
Subjects required:
include teddy bears in kitchen surroundings or in the bathtub or sitting next to a plant or in amongst crockery; 'posies & petals' with floral images, still life indoors or garden scenes, romantic settings with lots of flowers, set tables, chair with hat or cushion or basket; also newborn baby theme. Another range is 'the locker room' with nostalgic items relating to football, fishing, cricket, and old-timer cars, as well as a French set wine table, and a nostalgic gardening tools image with herbs and dried flowers. Also humorous ideas accepted. 
Abacus Cards, Gazeley Road, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7RH.
Assistant Art Director: Liz Ellis.
Tel: 01638 552399 
Fax: 01638 552103 
4  Blossoms & Bows is a card publisher with beautiful 'sweet-bow-style' and they prefer transparencies. 
Subject matter:
They like to see romantic gardens, set tables outside or inside, wildflower meadows, breakfast tables, flower still-life, wedding subject, everyday cards, but new ideas are always welcome.
Blossoms & Bows Ltd, Sandall Road, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 2RS.
Art Editor: Dot Popple.
Tel: 01945 466600 
Fax: 01945 466809
When selling greeting card rights, the general minimum fees you can expect per design would be between £70 and £300, and this does not include a sale of copyright, but you have to be careful not to submit the same images to competing companies and if you do only after a certain time.


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