The Bigger Picture Book Review

We take a look at a book that's billed as the essential business guide for photographers.

Posted 22/Feb/2012 - 1:51PM

The Bigger Picture: The Essential Business Guide for PhotographersThis title's all about helping photographers understand the photography business. The author gives facts, ideas and even a few leads to help photographers succeed in a market that grows more competitive every day.

A big plus for this book is it's centred around the UK market as there's not many titles on the market that do this.

Plenty of subjects are covered from finding what area you should be working in (great summaries are provided) to advice on law, copyright, rates of pay, tax and insurance. There's an excellent chapter on self promotion and Jeanne suggests some potential income generating ideas you may not have thought about before too. Also, the advice art directors and picture editors have to offer in chapter seven is excellent. They supply a great list of tips that will help many freelance photographers.

The book is easy to read, even easier to understand and the advice it has to offer will be useful for both those new to the subject as well as those who have taken photos for a while.

The small chapters are an excellent idea as it makes the information easy to digest and it's small enough to slip in your bag so you can read it on the go.

The Bigger Picture is an interesting read which gives a comprehensive introduction to the photography business. It's a good little guide that's well worth a look.

The Bigger Picture: The Essential Business Guide for Photographers has an RRP of £12.99 and is available from Amazon: The Bigger Picture





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