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Brian Doran tells us what stock sites are looking for and a little more about his business.

Posted 20/Feb/2012 - 4:51PM

Local Stock

What Sells?

There is no hard and fast strategy in becoming a successful stock photographer, however there are a few key areas to look at which will greatly increase your chances of success. Aside from adhering to the strict submission guidelines most sites have, including Local Stock, it’s important to think about what to submit.

Current subjects and imagery are the best sellers in stock, so it’s important to stay on the ball and look ahead to up and coming events, trends and seasons. Its is also a good idea to know the type of market you want to sell to and find out the type of imagery they prefer. This can pay dividends especially if it’s the deciding factor between two excellent images. Another good way to keep on top of your game is to look at what the top photographers are doing and try to emulate them in terms of image style, key-wording, and image appeal, it also lets you see the subject matter they prefer to shoot.

Local Stock currently need all types of images from every corner of the UK, specific images required include: business & commerce (especially with people), and UK culture.

About Local Stock

 Building on the solid foundations laid out in its first year of trading, UK themed photo library Local Stock is evolving to become a successful mainstay in the industry. Since early March 2011, Local Stock has slowly but surely built up an impressive contributor led photo base and is developing impressive buyer relationships with clients all over the UK.

The key to survival in this type of climate is to engineer a degree of patience and build the brand slowly but surely. ‘Going In All Guns Blazing’ usually amounts to a weak business plan and can be a major reason why businesses fail so quickly. Local Stock grasped this notion from the outset and devised a plan to keep the company ticking over whilst building up a substantial photo base. They decided that the best way to generate a steady stream of income whilst building important buyer relationships was to charge every contributor a nominal ‘one-off’ subscription fee which would go towards building up the brand and sustaining the company throughout the building process.

A contributor subscription fee seems alien in the mircostock market however it has had a two-fold effect in the first year success of Local Stock. Not only has it enabled the company a regular income stream, it has also attracted a calibre of contributor serious about selling stock. As the mainstay of the business is to supply high quality imagery, Local Stock also has also had to think about keeping the lifeblood of the business, the contributor, happy. The company decided early on that a strong customer support network would be imperative and decided to create this with a personal rapid turnaround, together with a 100% commission on all sales.

Although the company still has a lot to learn and improve upon, the future is looking very positive and the strong foundations laid down in the early months will undoubtedly help. In year two the company plans to continue evolving the site and develop a strong identity within the buyer community by promoting the work of its sought-after contributors.

About The Author

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Local Stock

Local Stock are a niche stock photo library, specialising in stock images from in and around the UK. Our goal is to provide the most diverse range of UK imagery on the market at an affordable price.


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