Fujifilm X100 Camera Box Set From Harrods

Fujifilm are set to launch an exclusive X100 in a box set at Harrods.

Posted 23/Mar/2012 - 8:35AM
Fujifilm X100

A premium edition of the Fujifilm X100 camera will soon be available in a box set from the London department store, Harrods. The box set, limited to just 16 units, is priced at £1,795.

The black presentation box contains the X100 Black, lens hood, adapter ring and protector filter, as well as a bespoke black and red leather case. There will also be a letter of authenticity from Fujifilm UK in each unit.

The X100 Black Premium Edition is limited to just 10,000 units globally and each camera will have a number to denote its position in the run.

Visit Fujifilm for more information.

Take a look at ePHOTOzine's review of the Fujifilm X100 here: Fujifilm X100 Camera Review


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